Time to STOP the Time!

Hy fetelor... Sunt momente în care pur şi simplu aş vrea să opresc timpul! Cu siguranţă vi s-a întâmplat şi vouă şi poate nu doar o singură dată.

Unul dintre momentele în care mi-aş fi dorit ca numărătoarea secundelor să se oprească şi clipele să nu mai zboare ca nebunele a fost acela în care nepoţica mea - Natalia m-a vizitat pentru prima dată.
Ne-am simţit minunat împreună: râsete, jucării şi multăăă iubire!
Cele mai frumoase momente le-am petrecut "la porumbei" în centrul oraşului Timişoara. Copiii sunt adevăratele minuni ale Universului!

Vă las să o cunoaşteţi pe Nati! pupici

rochita Nataliei cu fluturaşi e de la H&M

Hy girls ... There are moments when I just want to stop time! Surely this has happened to you, and maybe not just once.

One of the times when I would have liked to stop and count the seconds and moments not to fly like crazy was that when my granddaughter Natalia visited me for the first time.
We had a great time together: laughter, joy and a lot of love! Children are the true wonders of the Universe!

I introduce you Nati! Kisses

Butterfly dress - H&M

Corfu Honeymoon ... day 1

Let's give back time ... June 23, 2013, so the period when I was still on honeymoon in Corfu - Paleokastritsa. It҆҆ s a beautiful resort, where the sea and the mountain are "arm in arm" to give us the most beautiful scenery.

The journey was long and tiring, but once get there, the sea brought us back our smile. It҆҆ s time for the best holiday of our lives ...
Paleokastritsa is the most beautiful resort of Corfu, even if it's the most expensive, is worth every penny spent ...

Water, even isn҆t very hot, given the fact that we were in June and among the rocks, offset by bright turquoise color and clarity.

Sun, sea and love is all you need to shine on your Honeymoon!

kisses :*

Holidays in Thassos - Greece

Beach, sun, sea ... in one word Thassos. Beautiful Greek island was the perfect destination for a gorgeous holiday. I will not give too much details at this time. I chose to bring a few pictures from places "of the soul" of the island.

I invite you to explore the surroundings of the capital Limenas: Archaeological Museum, Ancient Agora or the Old Market Square, the Ancient Theatre, the Acropolis and ... traditional villages.
Do not miss _ Marble Beach / Saliara

Panagia (Golden Beach)

and if you go to the end sea wall in the eastern part of the city you will find a exceptionally beautiful - Cape Evreokastro / Evreokastro Thassos: a terrace built on rocks and bathed by the crystalline turquoise. At the top is a small chapel dedicated to the Holy Apostles, and with a bench where you can admire the view absolutely fabulous.

More about Green Pearl Aegean, as it is called Thassos, I will write future posts! I kiss you and if you have not been yet  ... don't miss!

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